Unrivaled Camera Technology For Ultimate Peace of Mind

Experience unparalleled security with MDU Solutions. Our advanced system supports any IP-based camera and offers features like intelligent movement detection, facial recognition, car type identification, and license plate reading. Ensure your safety with our comprehensive surveillance capabilities.

Discover MDU Solutions' dedication to top-tier building security systems. With years of expertise, we empower you with advanced access control technology, enabling smooth management of multiple properties. Our secure, cloud-based systems provide real-time video streaming and event-linked recordings at your fingertips.

Next Generation Technology

Our cloud-based CCTV solutions are designed for multi-dwelling units, offering seamless integration with IP-based cameras. Enhance security for entrances, common areas, and vital zones with our innovative technology.

Flexibility with Hybrid Solutions

Enjoy the freedom to integrate any IP-based camera with our hybrid system. Upgrade your security effortlessly, without concerns about camera compatibility.

Intelligent Surveillance with AI

Elevate your security with our AI-driven capabilities. From accurate license plate reading to face recognition, our system provides a sophisticated protection layer tailored to your property’s needs.

Ultimate Accessibility and Security

Utilize cloud technology for secure, real-time access and management of your surveillance footage from anywhere. Our intuitive tools and interface make security management effortless and accessible.

Professional Installation and Support

Rely on our expert team for comprehensive support, from consultation to installation and maintenance. We ensure your security system’s optimal performance and currency.


MDU Solutions prioritizes sustainability with our energy-efficient systems, reducing your carbon footprint and saving on electricity costs, all without compromising security.

Advanced Surveillance for Safety First

Invest in your property's safety with our high-quality Security Cameras. Deter crime and monitor activities with ease. Enhance your property's security with our comprehensive solutions.




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