Beyond Individual Routers: The Rise of Shared Wi-Fi in Multi-Dwelling Units


Today, reliable internet connectivity is more important than ever in our increasingly digital world. For residents of multi-dwelling units (MDUs) like apartments, condos, and co-living spaces, getting that connectivity can be a challenge. Traditionally, each unit would need to set up its own individual Wi-Fi network. However, a revolutionary new solution is transforming internet access in MDUs - community Wi-Fi.

Community Wi-Fi refers to a shared wireless network that serves the entire building rather than individual units. It allows all residents to tap into one high-speed, reliable Wi-Fi network throughout the property. This shared infrastructure offers immense benefits compared to each unit paying for and managing its own network. Community Wi-Fi simplifies internet access for both property managers and residents. It also unlocks new possibilities for smart MDUs with connected devices and streaming services. As community Wi-Fi networks become more common, they are proving to be a forward-thinking new model of internet connectivity for modern multi-dwelling properties.

What is Community Wi-Fi?


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